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Hale Collection

Charles R. Hale Collection of Connecticut Cemetery Inscriptions 

In order to combat the devastating effects of the Great Depression, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in 1935, created the Work Progress Administration (W.P.A.). His order was made law by Congress with the passage of the Emergency Relief Appropriations Act of 1935. All over America, projects of all kinds employed, at the height of the program, more than three million Americans

One of these projects was locating all the cemeteries in the State of Connecticut and retrieving the vital information contained on the headstones. Under the direction of Charles R. Hale, W.P.A. workers scoured the record books, woods and fields of Connecticut searching for cemeteries big and small. As a result, 2,269 cemeteries, 20 in Thompson, Connecticut were found and the headstonesinscriptions documented. The project began in 1932 and was completed in 1935. The following list of Thompson cemeteries is just a small piece of Hale’s work.

Hale’s Thompson Cemetery Project