Reference Guide
Series 1: 1986 Historical Survey – Inventory by the Connecticut Historical Commission
Form numbers were three digits – example: 086. Last item was 396.
Series 2: Mark Snay Research
Code is MSXXX. Example is MS002
In some cases, Mark Snay has corrected or added research from Series 1. The code will then read MSXXX/YYY – example: MS002/234



Town of Thompson History by Parcel Number

Street NameStreet #Historical Description Parcel IDReference
Ballard Rd 038Thomas Day House87/53/9/B//
Ballard Rd245David Day House89/35/4//003
Blain Rd019Federal, c. 181563/100/2//004
Blain Rd028George E. Elliott House63/98/4//005
Blain Rd054Charles C. Carpenter House63/98/6//006
Brandy Hill Rd059Baptist Parsonage122/18/7//007
Brickyard Rd085John G. Coman Farm40/88/168//010
Brickyard Rd146Elijah C. Perrin House40/84/8//009
Buckley Hill Rd012N. Gros. Mill Housing Type F167/61/64//011
Buckley Hill Rd014N. Gros. Mill Housing Type F167/61/65//012
Buckley Hill Rd016N. Gros. Mill Housing Type F167/61/66//013
Buckley Hill Rd028Greek Revival, c. 185061/59/3//015
Buckley Hill Rd029Phineas Copeland House167/59/8//014
Buckley Hill Rd035Mill Housing, c. 1890167/59/9//017
Buckley Hill Rd036N. Gros. Mill Housing61/59/9//016
Buckley Hill Rd037Mill Housing, c. 1890167/59/10//019
Buckley Hill Rd038Vernacular, c. 187261/59/10//018
Buckley Hill Rd040Vernacular, c. 188061/59/11//020
Buckley Hill Rd041Vernacular, c. 1875167/59/11//021
Buckley Hill Rd043Samuel Stone House167/59/12//022
Buckley Hill Rd047Elliott Wagon Factory167/59/15/A//023
Buckley Hill Rd056Amedee & Josephine Seney House61/59/15//024
Buckley Hill Rd062Greek Revival, c. 185061/59/18//025
Buckley Hill Rd139Vernacular, c. 181561/58/49//026
Central St.005Three Row Mills Housing169/92/25//027
Central St.007Three Row Mills Housing169/92/26//029
Central St.008Three Row Mills Housing169/92/15//028
Central St.011Three Row Mills Housing169/92/27//031
Central St.012Three Row Mills Housing169/92/16//030
Central St.015Three Row Mills Housing169/92/28//033
Central St.016Three Row Mills Housing169/92/17//032
Central St.019Three Row Mills Housing169/92/29//034
Central St.023Three Row Mills Housing169/92/30//035
Central St.024Three Row Mills Housing169/92/19//036
Central St.026Three Row Mills Housing169/92/20//037
Central St.030Three Row Mills Housing169/92/21//038
Chase Rd002Thompson Town Hall105/38/4//MS002/039
Chase Rd004Sally Thatcher House105/38/6//040
Chase Rd020William H. Mason House105/38/7//041
Chase Rd032Royal S. Watson House (1)105/38/8//042
Chase Rd041Simon Davis House105/33/29//043
Chase Rd047Vernacular, 18th Century105/33/28//044
Chase Rd054Henry Fountain House105/34/14//045
Chase Rd064Fourth District School105/34/15//046
Chase Rd081James Frawley Homestead105/33/25//047
Chase Rd143James & Nancy Cruff Farm105/33/20/A//048
Chase Rd186Nathan & Ellen S. Chase Farm107/34/18/B//049
Corttis Rd059Vernacular, c. 192057/66/16//051
Corttis Rd235Corttis Farm55/66/12//050
County Home Rd.063Charles H. Baldwin House107/34/6//294
County Home Rd.112John Russell House107/36/15//295
County Home Rd.205Victorian Vernacular, c. 1880109/34/2/B/296
County Home Rd.270Vernacular , c. 1800109/35/11/A/297
County Home Rd.316Vernacular , 18th century109/35/12//298
East Thompson Rd068Nathaniel Mills House120/21/26//067
East Thompson Rd196Vernacular, 18th Century137/21/25/C/066
East Thompson Rd308Jacob Tourtellotte House137/21/22//065
East Thompson Rd352Vernacular, 19th Century137/21/20//064
East Thompson Rd415Almon E. Woodard House, Sunnycroft Farms135/7/5/A/059
East Thompson Rd415Almon E. Woodard House, Sunnycroft Farms135/7/5/B/063
East Thompson Rd444Kings Daughters Hall135/21/14//058
East Thompson Rd476Salem Jacobs House135/21/12//062
East Thompson Rd490E. Thompson U. Methodist Church135/21/11//061
East Thompson Rd504Willard Emerson House135/21/10//060
East Thompson Rd551Zenas Robbins House154/5/8/C/057
East Thompson Rd580Vernacular, c. 1800135/4/4//056
East Thompson Rd611Zachariah Lord House154/5/11//055
East Thompson Rd664Emily A. Robinson House152/1/64//054
East Thompson Rd670William Joslin House152/1/63//053
East Thompson Rd673John Sherman House152/2/1//052
Elliot Ave006Vernacular, c. 1880167/59/13//068
Elliot Ave010Vernacular/Greek, c. 1880167/59/14//070
Elliot Ave011Mill Housing, c. 1880167/59/17//069
Fabyan Rd058Victorian Vernacular, c. 189021/105/15//073
Fabyan Rd296Edward G. Arnold Farm19/85/12//072
Fabyan Rd401David King House17/84/22//071
Fabyan Rd568Vernacular, 19th century17/81/48//086
Fabyan Rd572Mill Housing, c. 183017/81/47//085
Fabyan Rd575New Boston Mill Owner's Residence17/84/30//084
Fabyan Rd576Fabyan Mill Housing17/81/45//082
Fabyan Rd580Fabyan Mill Housing17/81/44//083
Fabyan Rd581Joel Copelin House17/84/31//081
Fabyan Rd584New Boston Store17/81/43//080
Fabyan Rd593Amasa Copelin House17/84/32//079
Fabyan Rd594Parley Jordan House17/81/42/A/078
Fabyan Rd601Vernacular, 19th century17/84/33//077
Fabyan Rd611The Perry House17/83/5//076
Fabyan Rd655Vernacular, 18th century17/83/2//075
Fabyan-Woodstock Rd009Charles D. Thayer House19/85/1/AA/087
Floral Ave001Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/42//088
Floral Ave002Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/29//089
Floral Ave005Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/43//090
Floral Ave006Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/30//091
Floral Ave013Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/45//092
Floral Ave014Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/38//093
Floral Ave017Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/46//094
Floral Ave018Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/39//095
Hagstrom Rd106Greek Revival, c. 185019/85/9//096
Hagstrom Rd125Albert Frissell House21/105/5//097
Hagstrom Rd134Vernacular/Greek Revival19/85/8//098
Hagstrom Rd216Whitney House7/85/6/B/099
Hill Rd142Asa Ross House126/34/28//101
Hill Rd196Alpheus Russell Homestead126/15/7/B/MS004/100
Holmes St003Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/32//107
Holmes St004Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/37//106
Holmes St007Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/33//105
Holmes St008Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/36//104
Holmes St011Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/34//103
Holmes St012Swede Village Mill Housing167/88/35// 102
Klondike St024Grosvenordale Mill Housing83/57/25//112
Klondike St025Victorian Vernacular, c. 188083/56/35//113
Klondike St028Grosvenordale Mill Housing83/57/24//111
Klondike St030Grosvenordale Mill Housing83/57/23//110
Klondike St032Grosvenordale Mill Housing83/57/22//109
Klondike St034Vernacular, c. 188083/57/21// 108
Lowell Davis Rd442William Jacobs House97/43/5//114
Main St000Hospital Block - Demolished 1988169/91/24//135
Main St000Asa Upham House - Demolished 1988169/91/33//143
Main St012St. Joseph's Rectory63/94/3/B/142
Main St017Vernacular, c. 1875, Catholic Convent169/91/29//140
Main St018St. Josephs R.C. Church63/94/3/A/141
Main St019Ernest Prince House169/91/28//139
Main St021Elgunn Darling House169/91/27//138
Main St027Coman Block169/91/25//MS005/137
Main St030Victorian Vernacular , c. 1890169/94/1//136
Main St034Bellerose Store169/88/72//134
Main St037Salle Union169/91/22//133
Main St040Jesse Tucker House169/88/71//131
Main St045Samuel & Mavina LaRose House169/91/20//129
Main St047Frank Commins Tenement (2 )169/91/19//128
Main St048Vernacular, c. 1880169/88/70//127
Main st051Frank Commins Tenement (1 )169/91/18//126
Main St060Henry Paradis Tenement169/88/66//125
Main St061Diane Paradis Tenement169/91/15//124
Main St065Russell Spencer House169/91/14//123
Main St071Emilien Roch House169/91/11//122
Main St078Horace Walker House169/88/64//MS007/121
Main St079John G. Gronland House169/91/8//120
Main St083Emanuel Lutheran Church Rectory169/91/7/2/118
Main St083Emanuel Lutheran Church169/91/7/1/119
Main St086Oscar Tourtellotte House169/88/62//117
Main St087Alexis F. Jodoin House169/91/6//116
Main St110N Gros. Mill Housing, c. 1880167/88/49//115
Main St150Lengues LaChance Tenement169/91/20/B/130
Main St160Victorian Vernacular , c. 1890169/91/21//132
Market Ln007Greek Village Mill Housing169/93/5//144
Market Ln011N Gros. Mill Housing - Type D169/93/4//146
Market Ln015Greek Village Mill Housing169/93/3//145
Market Ln019Greek Village Mill Housing169/93/2//147
Marshall St002Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/3//148
Marshall St006Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/4//149
Marshall St008Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/5//150
Marshall St012Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/6//151
Marshall St014Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/7//152
Marshall St016Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/8//153
Marshall St024Three Rows Mill Housing169/92/10//154
Marshall St028Three Rows Mill Housing, Type C169/92/11//155
Marshall St030Three Row Mills Housing, Type C169/92/12//156
Mason Terrace001Masonville Mill Housing: Type A63/58/22//160
Mason Terrace005Masonville Mill Housing: Type A63/58/21//159
Mason Terrace009Masonville Mill Housing: Type A63/58/20//158
Mason Terrace015Masonville Mill Housing: Type A63/58/19//157
Norman Hill Rd080Theophilus Chandler House7/105/65//161
O'Leary Rd012George Dike House122/32/17//008
O'Leary Rd157John Mill House141/16/21//163
O'Leary Rd259Victorian Vernacular, c. 1880143/16/17/A/162
Old Route 12001Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/96/15//164
Old Route 12006Kenney Store67/96/16//165
Old Route 12012Mechanicsville Power Station67/102/26//381
Old Route 12018Mechanicsville Mill Housing67/96/11//166
Old Route 12024Mechanicsville Mill Housing67/96/11/A/169
Old Route 12060The Cascades Hotel Inn67/96/9//170
Old Turnpike Rd130St. Stephen's Catholic Church3/79/1357
Old Turnpike Rd131Bungalow, c. 19303/81/4//356
Old Turnpike Rd158Victorian Vernacular, c. 18803/77/1//355
Old Turnpike Rd162Victorian Vernacular, c. 18803/77/3//354
Old Turnpike Rd168V.V. Greek Revival, c. 18803/77/4//353
Old Turnpike Rd172V.V. Greek Revival, c. 18803/77/5//352
Old Turnpike Rd176V.V. Greek Revival, c. 18803/77/6//351
Old Turnpike Rd180V.V. Greek Revival, c. 18803/77/7//350
Old Turnpike Rd186V.V. Greek Revival, c. 18803/73/1//349
Park St001Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/95/3//171
Park St005Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/95/5//172
Parker Rd007Jesse Ormsbee House17/84/1//173
Pasay Road423Joseph Towne79/47/10//MS012
Pasay Rd734Marcus Towne Farm81/43/25//174
Pompeo Rd009Robert Prince Farm, Demolished 199081/48/16//176
Pompeo Rd440Greek Revival, c. 185077/62/55//175
Quaddick Rd010Vernacular, c. 1800105/32/39//196
Quaddick Rd011Federal/Greek Revival, c. 1830105/33/7//194
Quaddick Rd014Federal/Vern, c. 1810105/32/38//195
Quaddick Rd017William G. Larned House105/33/8/B/192
Quaddick Rd018Mary Read Sherman House105/32/37//193
Quaddick Rd024Rev. Edward P. Borden House105/32/36//191
Quaddick Rd032Darius Dwight House105/32/35//190
Quaddick Rd040Deacon Jesse Bolles House105/32/34//189
Quaddick Rd047Vernacular, c. 1815105/33/10//188
Quaddick Rd056Richard Bartlett House105/32/33//187
Quaddick Rd190William Barber House124/32/28//186
Quaddick Rd316Elijah Crosby House124/32/26//185
Quaddick Rd424Vernacular, c. 1850143/16/15//184
Quaddick Rd437Marcus L Randall House145/14/5/A/182
Quaddick Rd437BMarcus L Randall House145/14/5/B/183
Quaddick Rd450Quaddick Dam 143/16/10/A/181
Quaddick Rd458Charles Randall House143/16/9//180
Quaddick Rd464Vernacular, c. 1800143/16/8//179
Quaddick Rd516Greek Revival, c. 1865143/16/6//178
Quaddick Rd555Silas Bowen Store145/14/11//177
Quaddick Town Farm Rd418Stephen Robbins House158/20/7/C/197
Quaddick Town Farm Rd557Silas Bowen Tavern145/14/12//199
Quaddick Town Farm Rd988John Buchanan House143/16/56//198
Quinebaug Rd004Joseph Labbe House59/88/13//303
Quinebaug Rd051Franklin Upharn House59/67/4//302
Quinebaug Rd441Crosby Tavern17/71A/6//301
Quinebaug Rd614Thayer,
(William E. Wheelock)
Quinebaug Rd654New Boston School3/81/38//300
Quinebaug Rd719Jason Phipps Jr. House3/75/5//299
Randall Rd060John Eddy House145/12/6//200
Ravenelle RdRamsdell House48/104/83/B/202
Ravenelle Rd098Joseph J. Green House23/105/24//201
Ravenelle Rd350Vernacular, c. 188046/104/89/M/203
Ravenelle Rd356Colonial Revival, c. 193546/104/89/C/204
Reardon Rd190Grosvenor-Dale Company House63/98/3//205
Reardon Rd224Carl D. Morrisson House63/100/42//206
Reardon Rd307Elliott Farm65/101/6//207
Red Bridge Rd008Vandal House169/88/75//208
Red Bridge Rd089William & Leda Bergeron House42/99/10//209
Red Bridge Rd096Vernacular, c. 188542/89/23//210
Red Bridge Rd146Ephraim Kingsbury House42/89/20/B/211
River St046N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type F167/60/8//212
River St050N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type F167/60/8//213
Riverside Dr084Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/96/7/B/293
Riverside Dr087Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/53/2//291
Riverside Dr088Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67//96/7//292
Riverside Dr091Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/53/3//290
Riverside Dr092Mechanicsville Mill Housing67/96/8//288
Riverside Dr095Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/53/4//289
Riverside Dr099Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/53/5//287
Riverside Dr101Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/53/6//286
Riverside Dr105Mechanicsville Mill Housing67/53/7//285
Riverside Dr113Mechanicsville Mill Housing, c. 186067/53/8//284
Riverside Dr138Mechanicsville Mill Housing67/96/12//167
Riverside Dr145Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/52/2//283
Riverside Dr149Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/52/2/A/281
Riverside Dr153Mechanicsville Mill Housing: Type A67/52/2/B/282
Riverside Dr227Mechanicsville School67/52/4//280
Riverside Dr581Louis (Delphis) Chausse House83/56/39//279
Riverside Dr591Delphis Forcier House83/57/2//278
Riverside Dr611Mill Housing, c. 1870174/58/1//277
Riverside Dr613Mill Housing, c. 1870174/58/2//276
Riverside Dr615Mill Housing, c. 1870174/58/3//275
Riverside Dr619Mill Housing174/58/4//274
Riverside Dr621Mill Housing174/58/5//273
Riverside Dr623Grosvenordale Mill Housing174/58/6//272
Riverside Dr625Grosvenordale Mill Housing174/58/7//270
Riverside Dr629Grosvenordale Mill Housing174/58/8//269
Riverside Dr630Grosvenor-Dale Co. Mill No. 463/95/1//271
Riverside Dr631Grosvenordale Mill Housing174/58/9//268
Riverside Dr633Grosvenordale Mill Housing174/58/10//267
Riverside Dr639Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/58/11//266
Riverside Dr643Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/58/12//265
Riverside Dr647Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/58/13//264
Riverside Dr653Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/58/14//263
Riverside Dr655Thomas Hutchinson Store63/58/15/B/262
Riverside Dr661Greek Revival, c. 185063/58/15/C/261
Riverside Dr681Grosvenordale Mill Housing63/58/17//260
Riverside Dr682Masonville Mill Housing: Type B63/94A/4//259
Riverside Dr686Masonville Mill Housing: Type B63/94A/3//258
Riverside Dr687Masonville Mill Housing: Type B63/58/18//257
Riverside Dr690Masonville Mill Housing: Type B63/94A/2//256
Riverside Dr694Grosvenor-Dale Co. Mill No. 363/94A/1/A/255
Riverside Dr700Masonville Power Station63/94A/1//254
Riverside Dr715Mill Housing63/58/23//253
Riverside Dr785Tourtellotte Mem. High School63/58/25//252
Riverside Dr867N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type E61/58/35//251
Riverside Dr871N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type E61/58/36//250
Riverside Dr881Ovide & Rose Aucoin House61/58/39//249
Riverside Dr885N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type E61/58/41//248
Riverside Dr887N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type E61/58/42//247
Riverside Dr889N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type E61/58/43//246
Riverside Dr891N. Gros. Mill Housing: Type E61/58/44//245
Riverside Dr901Arthur Wilbur Tenement167/59/5//244
Riverside Dr910North Grosvenordale Cotton Sheds169/92/23//243
Riverside Dr929Grosvenor-Dale Co. Mill No. 2167/60/7//237
Riverside Dr938Greek Revival, c. 1860167/88/28/A/242
Riverside Dr940Greek Revival, c. 1855167/88/28//241
Riverside Dr944Greek Revival, c. 1860167/88/27//240
Riverside Dr946Methodist Parsonage167/88/26//238
Riverside Dr954Methodist Church167/88/26//239
Riverside Dr962Grosvenor-Dale Company Store167/88/24//236
Riverside Dr973N. Gros Mill Housing: Type F167/60/6//235
Riverside Dr976N. Gros Mill Housing167/88/22//233
Riverside Dr977N. Gros Mill Housing: Type F167/60/5//234
Riverside Dr980N. Gros Mill Housing: Type G167/88/21//232
Riverside Dr981N. Gros Mill Housing: Type F167/60/4//231
Riverside Dr982N. Gros Mill Housing: Type G167/88/20//230
Riverside Dr983N. Gros Mill Housing: Type F167/60/3//229
Riverside Dr986N. Gros Mill Housing: Type G167/88/19//228
Riverside Dr987N. Gros Mill Housing: Type F167/60/2//227
Riverside Dr990N. Gros Mill Housing: Type G167/88/18//226
Riverside Dr991N. Gros Mill Housing: Type F167/60/1//225
Riverside Dr1006Greek Revival, c. 1865167/88/17//224
Riverside Dr1344Marcus Childs House57/66/6//223
Riverside Dr1354Barn, remodeled c. 188057/66/4//222
Riverside Dr1374Ebenezer Jones House57/66/1//221
Riverside Dr1394Wilsonville Mill Housing57/65/20//220
Riverside Dr1400Wilsonville Mill Housing57/65/19//219
Riverside Dr1405Wilsonville Mill 57/61/1//218
Riverside Dr1419Vernacular, Early 19th century57/64/7//216
Riverside Dr1420Wilsonville Mills Company House57/65/18//217
Riverside Dr1448Riel Converse House55/65/17//215
Riverside Dr.134Mechanicsville Mill Housing67/96/12/A/168
Riverside Dr.934N. Gros. Mill Housing169/90/1//379
Robbins Rd.129John D. Convis Farm87/36/2//214
Sand Dam Rd.343Elliott Joslin House135/1/2//373
Sunset Hill Road054Joseph Perry Bixby House103/40/9//376
Sunset Hill Road072Cummings House103/40/7//375
Sunset Hill Road116Josiah Comins Farm103/40/3/C/374
Taylor Rd.066Albin & Hiram Mungan House162/11/9//377
Thompson Hill Rd001Grosvenordale Mill Housing83/57/6//372
Thompson Hill Rd150Vernacular , late 18th century83/43/19//371
Thompson Hill Rd166Vernacular/Federal, c. 180083/43/16/A/370
Thompson Hill Rd182Vernacular, c. 180083/43/17//369
Thompson Hill Rd286John Russell Gladding Estate103/40/2//368
Thompson Hill Rd327John E. Jacobs
"Norman Bruce Ream Estate"
Thompson Hill Rd330Frederick E. Reed House105/40/23//366
Thompson Hill Rd340Waldo Comins House105/40/22/A/365
Thompson Hill Rd341Nichols House105/38/3//362
Thompson Hill Rd342Vernacular, c. 1800105/40/21//364
Thompson Hill Rd345Royal S. Watson House (2)105/38/3/B/363
Thompson Hill Rd348Greek Revival, c. 1840105/40/20//361
Thompson Hill Rd358Erastus Knight House (2)105/40/18//360
Thompson Hill Rd362Erastus Knight House (1 )105/40/17//359
Thompson Hill Rd376John Nichols House105/40/16358
Thompson Rd042George P. Nichols Farm87/38/17/B/348
Thompson Rd140Winthrop H. Ballard House87/38/14//347
Thompson Rd175Veranacular , late 18th Century87/37/4//346
Thompson Rd183Irving L. Johnson House87/37/3//345
Thompson Rd200Greek Revival, c. 185087/38/13//344
Thompson Rd304Randolph Chandler Carriage House105/38/11/B/342
Thompson Rd306William H. Chandler House105/38/11//343
Thompson Rd307Martha H. Chandler House105/34/9//341
Thompson Rd313Walter E. Bates House105/34/10//340
Thompson Rd319Bates/Hascall House105/34/11//339
Thompson Rd325Jason Phipps , Jr. House105/34/12//338
Thompson Rd326Victorian Vernaculär, c. 1880105/38/10//337
Thompson Rd327Josesph Gay, Ellen D. Larned House105/34/13//336
Thompson Rd330Asa Ross House105/38/9//335
Thompson Rd333Winthrop N. Osgood House105/33/1//334
Thompson Rd339Thompson Public Library105/33/2//333
Thompson Rd343The Academy Building (North Portion)105/33/3//331
Thompson Rd343Federal, c. 1320 (South Portion)105/33/3/B/332
Thompson Rd347Thompson Congregational Church105/33/5//330
Thompson Rd351Vernon Stiles Inn105/32/1//329
Thompson Rd355Town House105/32/2//328
Thompson Rd361Federal, c. 1815105/32/3//326
Thompson Rd362Talcott Crosby House (2)105/40/15//327
Thompson Rd365Comins House105/32/4//
Thompson Rd366Dr. Horatio Hollbrook House105/40/14//324
Thompson Rd369Jeremiah Olney House105/32/5//323
Thompson Rd374Samuel Watson House105/40/13//322
Thompson Rd375George Crosby House105/32/6//321
Thompson Rd382Talcott Crosby House (1)105/40/12//320
Thompson Rd444Benjamin Munyan Farm103/41/1//319
Thompson Rd463Harold E. Reynolds House103/31/3/A/318
Thompson Rd647Vernacular, c. 1921122/31/13317
Thompson Rd654East Thompson Baptist Church120/30/18316
Thompson Rd687Cady House122/19/2MS011
Thompson Rd715Vernacular, 19th century120/21/2//315
Thompson Rd923Welcome B. & Ann Joslin House120/21/5/A/314
Thompson Rd961Captain John Bates House118/22/1//313
Thompson Rd1096David Plummer House118/29/15//312
Thompson Rd1147Israel Aldrich House116/24/2//311
Thompson Rd1161Vernacular, c. 1780116/24/3//310
Thompson Rd1300Loisa White House114/27/29309
Thompson Rd1333William Walker House114/24/56308
Thompson Rd1344John Joslin House114/27/28//307
Thompson Rd1387Ira J. Bates House114/25/2//306
Thompson Rd1403John Bates House114/25/4//305
Thompson Rd1408John Bates, dr. House114/27/22//304
Tuft Hill Rd.042Greek Revival, c. 184536/71/10378
Watson Rd.042Greek Revival, c. 185015/72/37/B/380
West Thompson Rd.030Thomas Elliott Farm65/101/9/B/383
West Thompson Rd.047sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church67/102/30//384
West Thompson Rd.275Dona J. Messier House48/103/20//385
West Thompson Rd.282Methodist Society House48/104/5/C/386
West Thompson Rd.396Abner Davis 2nd House48/104/9//387
West Thompson Rd.No Parcel #Berlin Iron Bridge382
Wilsonville Rd.006Greek Revival, c. 184577/63/2//396
Wilsonville Rd.012Dyer Upham House77/63/3//395
Wilsonville Rd.024Dyer A. Upham House77/63/4//394
Wilsonville Rd.065Charles W. Webster House77/62/61//393
Wilsonville Rd.078Hosea Edmunds House77/63/9//392
Wilsonville Rd.097Danforth Burgess House77/62/57//391
Wilsonville Rd.122Jessie F. Converse House77/46/1/A/390
Wilsonville Rd.150Charles R. Wood House77/46/29//389
Wilsonville Rd.310William H. Holmes House97/44/4//388
XXXNo Parcel #Wilsonville RR Bridge001
Fairway DriveMultiplePine Hill Golf CoursePine Hill Golf CourseN/A