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It happens to the best of us - this is Harris Hanscom's 330LM GTO Ferrari after it flipped somewhere on the uphill/downhill turn just before the backstraight. (This shot was taken near area 'F' in this photo.) Dave Beldon remembers "I was flagging on that station that day and saw more than I wanted of the crash."

[Ferrari photos courtesy of Paul Rainville]

Only four of these 330LM Berlinettas were made. (4 liters, 400hp). Their chassis were almost identical to those of the 250 GTO. The nose is also close to the GTO's, while the center section looks Lusso inspired.
Charlie Rainville took on the task of repairing the car. The bodywork alone looks like it was a major challenge and Charlie obviously did a top-notch job. The car was repaired to like-new condition. Charlie did this sort of thing for a living. In his spare time he was a superb race driver, organizer, and official.

[Thanks to Paul Rainville for the photos of the Ferrari.]

Charlie Rainville puts the coals to his '57 Alfa Veloce as he enters the uphill turn. This doesn't appear to be a race but he's obviously motoring along here. Although they leaned a lot, few production sports cars of the era could stay with a well driven Alfa in the turns. [Paul Rainville]

The handwritten note refers to "Lance P.". Was this Lance Pruyn?

The photo was developed in September of 1962.

[Photo courtesy of Rich Luszczak]