Sept. 28 & 29 – 82 Blash Rd North Grosvenordale Ct

A controversial Union General coming to “Battle at the Crater” in Thompson, CT on September 28-29 is Major General George Meade, portrayed by Gary Carlberg from the Civil War Impressionist Association in Arlington, VA. Major General Meade was appointed to command the Army of the Potomac just three days before the Battle of Gettysburg and became the first Union General to defeat General Lee. As a fighting general Meade continued to lead the Army of the Potomac through the war as the main operational commander in the eastern theater while General Grant led at the strategic level. While he was known as a fighting general who was successful at the operational level, his short temper and how he dealt with subordinates, other generals and the media often makes him the subject of controversy.

Join us at the “Battle at the Crater” and meet General Meade yourself to learn more and decide for yourself how effective he was during this important battle in the Civil War. General Meade will be making a presentation and will also be available in his field office (tent). Sent by wireless telegraph.

All battles based on the Siege of Petersburg VA
a) Saturday’s Battle – 1st Deep Bottom. Battle at 1 PM
Saturday – Camps open 10-5
b) Sunday’s battle – the Crater. Battle at 1 PM
Sunday – Camps open 10-3
Sunday concert by The Providence Brigade Band @11:30am start

* 10 artillery pieces expected
* Union – New England Brigade
* Confederate- Liberty Greys

Civilian Camp
General admission $15
Veterans no charge
Children 14 & under half price